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Take it anywhere and everywhere for water on the go. It’s spill proof and won’t sweat on the stuff in your bag.

Cool gift for everyone in the family as it’s great for the car, school, work and play.

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It’s our best ever water bottle seller by a long way. And the reason is simple. This stainless steel bottle works and it works brilliantly.

Insulated stainless steel water bottle really are a terrific gift with summer on the way. Our clients swear by them and they’re a real favourite for keeping in the car. Even after a few days the water is great to drink.

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This beauty has proved to be very popular because it enables you to keep your cool ………..and your drink cool on these hot summer days.

For water on the go. Take it anywhere. It’s spill proof and won’t sweat over the stuff in your bag. Your family will love it for school and work, a must for all sports and just to have in the car.

You’re also helping to save the planet by reducing the use of disposable plastic bottles – your carbon footprint is getting smaller!

5 Tips to Drinking for Peak Performance and Recovery this Winter.

Winter is here!  And for many of you this brings shivers of dread …and cold!

Not only is it really hard to get out of your warm bed into the cold dark mornings, it is also a challenge to get motivated to exercise in the cold outdoors. If youwater photo small do make it outside for your workout you’ll probably find it is, surprisingly, quite pleasant to be exercising in cooler temperatures without the effects of heat stress and dehydration.

However, it is easy to overlook the importance of staying hydrated because you tend to sweat less and don’t feel as thirsty but in actual fact exercising in the cold can impair your ability to recognise fluid loss and increase your fluid loss through respiration.

So it is just as important and, in fact, essential for your exercise performance and recovery to keep your body hydrated with regular water intake before, during and after your winter workout. [Read more…]


Think you can’t kick the sugar habit? Then think again.

Belinda, our administrative assistant, has quit sugar after reading Sarah Wilson’s new book, I Quit Sugari quit sugar 1

Here is her review of Sarah Wilson’s book…..

Journalist, tv personality, blogger and author Sarah Wilson’s ebook “I Quit Sugar” explains why eating sugar is bad for us, with an eight week program to remove sugar from your diet, as well as recipes for new snacks and breakfast ideas. Also available is the I Quit Sugar cookbook – as an ebook or in hard copy – containing recipes for a variety of sugar-free meals including breakfasts, smoothies, sweet treats, savoury snacks, ideas for kids, sauces, drinks and more. [Read more…]