A Big Rush On Pedometers

Getting a big rush on our pedometers at the moment.

We keep asking customers in store and online why the big rush and it looks to be mostly getting fit for summer, now that the winter chill has gone…..or is going!

Pedometers are what we specialise in, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


Dr Pete and the team

I made it!

On the weekend 51 heros raised over $43,000 for people living with leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders by participating in a 55km bushwalk through the Sunshine Coast’s Great Walk track.

While the scenery was absolutely spectacular, it was the sponsorships and words of encouragement I received and the amazing, positive and courageous people that I met that inspired me and got me through the tough bits! Thanks to all of you.

Cheers Diana Bethune

Good Luck Diana!

Let’s get behind Diana for this weekends 55 for 5!

55 for 5 is an outdoor challenge created by the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland to help raise much-needed funds for people living with leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders.  Every day 5 people in Queensland are diagnosed with one of these illnesses.

Diana is taking up The Leukaemia Foundation’s challenge to raise funds by participating in a 55km bushwalk through the Sunshine Coast’s Great Walk track over two days.

55 for 5isn’t a walk in the park”. It is a demanding hike that is achievable by all age groups.


Good Luck Diana! 

From the rest of the Aussie Fit Team!

Awesome review – thank you Tracey!

It’s always great to receive testimonials but this one is awesome because it appeared in this weeks New Idea! Thank you Tracey!

Hey….. we’re still alive!

You haven’t heard from us in awhile but we are still alive and going strong!

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Fit Tips!

We’ve got some Fit Tips to help keep you motivated and moving – especially during the cooler months!

TIP 1 – Move More Sit Less

TRY – Take any oppourtunity to get up and move more. Lunch time walks or better still a walk every time you take a coffee break, walk the stairs at work instead of taking the lift, take the long route from where you park the car or to the bathroom, take a walk with your family or dog after dinner. Get a pedometer and start tracking your steps – work towards 10,000 steps and more a day.

walking works!

Walking works!

WHY – Scientific evidence shows that  frequent moderate to vigerous intensity exercise helps prevent diseases such as Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and some cancers. Those who are physically active tend to live longer, healthier lives.

BONUS BENEFITS – You’ll feel better, probably lose weight or at least not gain any and have greater energy levels.

TIP 2 – Make your exercise regular.

TRY – Make a plan to exercise for the week – put it in your diary. If you do this you will be more likely to stick to it and allocate the time.

WHY – Regular physical activity will provide more health benefits then sporadic, high intensity workouts.The American College of Sports Medicine recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity (working hard enough to break a sweat, but still able to have a conversation) at least 5 days a week or 20 minutes of more vigorous intensity activity 3 days a week. A Heart rate Monitor can help you track your intensity.

BONUS BENEFITS – You’ll feel great especially if you find activities you enjoy and. exercise also helps manage stress and mild cases of depression.

When you’re stuck in a rut – forget about motivation…….

…..just get sh*t done! Really?

We’ve talked about motivation before on this site. And that’s because we tend to rely upon that feeling of motivation to drive us to do things to improve our fitness, loose weight or feel better.

But what if you just can’t find that motivated feeling to push you off the couch and out the door?

Well you are not alone!!! You can bet that most people,at some time have been stuck in a rut, embarrassed about their life and wonder what the hell is holding them back.

Marie Forleo suggests that:-

“Losers wait for motivation, winners just get sh*t done.”

Marie gives some great practical steps in this video to get you back on top and out of that rut – so go ahead take a look at her video. You can apply her steps to anything in your life including your health and fitness goals.



Aussie Fit Sport Team Fitness – Steve’s Goal

Steve’s fitness goal for 2012 is to improve his aerobic fitness. He is going to do this by riding his bike to and from work – that’s a total of 18km/day. He will measure improvements in his fitness level by measuring his heart rate before, during and after his ride.

So to get started he’s had to do a bit of tinkering to get his bike back on the road. And Steve we want to be clear about this……… it is the bike in the foreground you’ll be riding?

Aussie Fit Sport Team Fitness – Glenda’s Goal

Glenda wants to do something different for fitness this year and her Christmas present may just do the trick to help her on her way.

Yes boxing!  To get her started her aim is to do a 15 minute session 3 times a week.

Glenda did a few box fit classes last year and loved it.  Boxing will help her with strength training and go a long way towards her 2012 fitness goals!

We would love to hear about your goals and what you’re doing so please post on our Facebook wall or in the comments – https://www.facebook.com/aussiefitsport.


The Aussie Fit Sport Team

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