A Big Rush On Pedometers

Getting a big rush on our pedometers at the moment.

We keep asking customers in store and online why the big rush and it looks to be mostly getting fit for summer, now that the winter chill has gone…..or is going!

Pedometers are what we specialise in, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


Dr Pete and the team

How Are We Doing?

We’re always trying to get better and better here at Aussie Fit and have implemented a survey for customers as they purchase items online.

If you do happen to buy online we’d be delighted if you completed the survey.

Thanks if you can help out.


Diana and the team

Fitness Articles Uploaded

Have just uploaded a couple more articles about fitness:

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Ultra Marathoner Runs With Aussie Fit Heart Rate Monitor

One of Australia’s fittest kids was in the office today – Jack Sinclair heads off next week to begin his incredible solo 27 day, 1,200 km run around Tasmania.

  • Jack cycled across Australia – 4,500 kms in 30 days – at age 15.
  • Ran his first marathon at 17 yo.
  • Won the 96 km Kokoda Challenge and broke the schoolboy record at 17.
  • And now, at 18 yo, is off to run around Tasmania. Wow!

Diana of Aussie Fit presents Jack with the Pulse QT Heart Rate Monitor

Jack swears by heart rate monitoring as a key performance indicator for his training and running and dropped by to pick up his latest watch.

Jack will be using a Pulse QT Pedometer Strapless Heart Rate Monitor for the run to give him the data essential to a successful trip.

ECG Accurate Information For The Right Decisions

“The most important data I get during my running is my heart rate – I know what my heart rate needs to be so that I’m able to sustain ultra-marathon distances day in and day out.

With the Pulse Heart Rate Monitor I get ECG accurate information so I can make the right decisions all the time. And no rubbing strap around the chest.

It’s my most important bit of equipment………………. apart from my running shoes….and shorts!” said Jack.

Good luck Jack and run safe.

Dr Pete and the Aussie Fit team

P.S:  Check out this article for the advantages of a strapless heart rate monitor.

Heart Rate Monitor Testimonial

It’s always great to get a testimonial from a happy customer – but when that testimonial is for our heart rate monitor from one of Australia’s fittest guys, then that’s fantastic!

Jack Sinclair is a rather fit 18 year old who is:

  • the youngest person ever to cycle across Australia
  • won the school events 96 km Kokoda Challenge last year – in record time
  • ran his first marathon at just 16
  • is about to embark on a 1,200 km solo run around Tasmania – he’s running more than a marathon a day for 27 days straight!

Thanks Jack!

How You Can Help Aussies Affected By The Terrible Floods

We really want to lend a helping hand to all the people caught up in the floods throughout Australia.

So when you buy an Aussie Fit Sport drink bottle (Coolasport or Aquasport) either on this web site or in any Rebel or Amart store we will make a $2 donation per bottle to help Australian flood victims.

Would love your help.

Dr Pete and the team

FREE Shipping On Purchases Over $35!

We’re always trying to make things easier and better for our customers here at Aussie Fit Sport.

And one of the ways we’ve managed to do that is by slashing the shipping costs on online orders over $35 to $0, zero and nil!

Please note that we only ship within Australia.

It’s our way of saying thanks for your terrific support!

Hope that helps.

Peter and the team