It’s a New Year and we’re on a fitness challenge……

So it’s a New Year – a time for setting new goals!

And improving fitness and health are a big focus for many including the Team at Aussie Fit Sport. So we are going to let you in on what we are doing and how we are going in our challenges.

We would also love to hear from you – your goals and successes and even the hiccups along the way!

Aussie Fit Sport Team Fitness

Diana wants to improve her core and upper body strength. At the moment she struggles with unloading product when it arrives on containers. She wants to be able do her fair share so the team don’t pay her out!

So she has taken up Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) which is great for upper body and core strength. Her goal is twice a week for 60-90min sessions. And Mackie (she’s our Beach Towel Model and Corporate Watchdog!) has decided to come along for the ride because she has a goal too……..but that’s our next post!

We would love to hear about your goals and what you’re doing so please post on our Facebook wall or in the comments –


The Aussie Fit Sport Team

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You. Just. Do. It

Mia Freedman, the editor and publisher of, secret motivation to exercise is “You. Just. Do. It.”.

She suggests that quite simply there is no motivation to exercise for her. That, infact, the urge to exercise does not happen!

Exercise has to become a routine part of your day – just as cleaning your teeth, showering, getting dressed and kissing the kids goodbye is. It’s not negotiable!

She suggests that the predictabilty and sameness of exercise makes it more likely to happen. YOU. JUST. DO. IT.

It’s a great article and you can click on this link to read more –


Is your training making you feel like burnt toast?

Is your training making you feel like burnt toast, ready to crumble from the drudgery of training and the pressure of competing?

If this is how you’re feeling then you are probably suffering from burnout which is a common occurrence in athletes and sports people of all ages.

Burnout in sport is often defined as a physical and emotional exhaustion which leads to sport reduction and reduced athletic achievement.

Probably the worst outcome is that it can cause you to drop out of sports altogether which has important life long health consequences.

The good news is that burnout is preventable. It also takes time to develop so if detected early it can be nipped in the bud.

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“Honey – I’ve engorged the kids”

Statistics show that obesity in children in Australia is increasing at an alarming rate with current data indicating 20-25% of Australian children are overweight or obese.

The primary cause of obesity is an energy imbalance. This occurs when there is an intake of high energy foods, combined with a low level of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle.

As a mother of a teenage boy, who is very active and constantly craving high calorie snacks, I have been at fault of providing him donuts or chips on a regular basis to fill up the calorie void. And this usually happens when he has helped me with the weekly shopping!!! It’s quick, easy and stops the arguments at the check out.

 But this is not helping him on so many levels. Firstly, he is not overweight, but he is learning that these foods are a regular item, not an occasional treat. They are foods that have no real nutritional benefits to his growing teenage body.

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Summers coming – we’ll get you ready with a great offer!

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What Are You Waiting For?

Think about something you’ve always wanted to do and give it a shot.

It might be:-

  • Bike to work
  • Give up sugar
  • Play with the kids more
  • Start a journal
  • Do 10,000 steps a day

Whatever it might be, Matt Cutts suggests that you try it for 30 days.

His short, light hearted video offers a neat way to think about setting and achieving goals.

Times Smashed – New Records Set!

Times were smashed and new records set at the Gold Coast Marathon over the weekend!

Kenyan runner Nicholas Manza, 26, set a new course record of 2:10:01 for the 42 km Gold Coast Marathon.

And it was a groundbreaking day with a record number of 24,726 runners participating in the events over the two day weekend.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Gold Coast Marathon.


Cheers Diana



Distance = Stride Length x Steps

Distance = stride length x steps

This is the formula that your Aussie Fit Sport Pedometer calculates distance. Simple, easy, no GPS required!

So what is stride length?

Stride length is the distance covered in an average step which is measured from heel to heel or from toe to toe.

Some pedometers (AFSDTC, Et-dsm and Slimeline) require you to enter your stride length so they can calculate the distance you walk in kilometers or miles. They do this by multiplying the number of steps by your stride length.

For example:- 0.8(80cms) x 10000 steps = 8000meters/1000(meters per KM) = 8kms

This is a calculation and not an exact measurement.  Stride length is dependent on your leg length and how fast you’re moving. It’s longer when you jog or run, compared with walking, which means your step count will be different for the same distance depending on your mode of activity.

For example,   it could take 2,000 steps to walk a kilometer and 1,800 steps to jog   it. Fast walkers take smaller, more rapid steps to go faster, and so they will take more steps in a kilometer than when walking slower.   Likewise, you will take more steps walking uphill than when walking on the  flat and so you need to consider that when assessing your activity level with a pedometer.

Tips on how to get your pedometer reading accurately?

Your Aussie Fit Sport pedometers – AFstep, AFSDTC, Nano-sm, ET-dsm, Slimline –are designed to be worn on the waistband – in a line straight up from the middle of your knee, which is half way between your centre and your side.

It is also essential that the pedometer is in the vertical position – not leaning forward back or side to side. If it tilts forward or backward it will affect the accuracy of the mechanism that counts your steps.

Remember that it’s accurate if the error is within 10% of your count (90-110 steps if you walk 100 steps).   Move the pedometer forward or backward on your waist or even switch sides and walk another 100 steps if the error is more than 10%. Repeat these trials until you find the right position.

[youtube width=”340″ height=”275″][/youtube]

Call Aussie Fit Sport or return the pedometer if you can’t get accurate readings after repeated attempts.