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A popular buddy for lovers of cold fresh water.

Take it anywhere and everywhere for water on the go. It’s spill proof and won’t sweat on the stuff in your bag.

Cool Xmas gift for everyone in the family as it’s great for the car, school, work and play. It’s our best ever water bottle seller by a long way. And the reason is simple. It works and it works brilliantly.

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This beauty has proved to be very popular because it enables you to keep your cool ………..and your drink cool on these hot summer days.

For water on the go. Take it anywhere. It’s spill proof and won’t sweat over the stuff in your bag. Your family will love it for school and work, a must for all sports and just to have in the car.

You’re also helping to save the planet by reducing the use of disposable plastic bottles – your carbon footprint is getting smaller!

Coolasport 800ml Stainless Steel Bottles are back!

Because you asked we’ve brought the the Coolasport 800ml Stainless Steel bottle back.Coolasport-800ml-closed-003

This beauty has proved to be very popular because it enables you to keep your cool ………..and your drink cool on these hot summer days.

It’s also BPA free and you help save our planet in a small way by using a reusable bottle instead of buying water in plastic bottles.

Available mid January 2017.
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Pedometers monitor your activity

The latest trend in monitoring exercise activity comes in the form of trendy colourful wrist bands such as the likes of Jawbone and Fitbit. They monitor stuff like steps, distance, calories burned and sleep quality. Great as a motivational tool but at a hefty price of around $130.00 they are expensive and require regular charging and connection to your smart phone or computer to get the data.

If this is all sounding very complex and you are looking for something quick, easy and accurate to measure your activity throughout the day or during your run or walk a pedometer is still a great device to monitor your exercise activity and it won’t set you back as much!

A pedometer does not require regular charging, you do not need a smart phone to see your activity and depending on the model4 colour afsdtc1 web pedometers can give you a multitude of information about your activity such as steps, distance, speed, calories, exercise time etc.

Our range of pedometers start at $19.95 for a simple step pedometer and go up to more advanced models including a pedometer built into a sports watch. We offer a minimum of 12 month warranty and some models have a 3 year warranty. Click here to see our full range.

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