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What is a split time?

A split refers to the time elapsed from the start. For example in a 50m swimming pool a split is any elapsed time from the start of the event. Recording split times gives the coach the addition of the lap times to see if the athlete is on target at any particular point.

What is lap time?

Lap time refers to the elapsed time of each numbered lap. For example in a 50m swimming pool lap time is the time of each 50m segment. Recording lap time allows the coach to identify whether the athlete is meeting lap target times.

What does ‘one-two fast finish’ mean?

This function captures two finishes. The standard chronograph stopwatch does it by taking a split (1st place, release, it stops and you have the 2nd place finisher). With the Sporty WR you use two buttons – start, split, stop. The first split is 1st place, the second split is 2nd place and it shows 1, 2 fast finish.

What does the Pacer function do?

This function is used to set or regulate the rate of timing. It sounds an electronic tone at the selected rate for maintaining the cadence or pace of the activity in beats per minute. You can increase or decrease the rate in increments of 5 beats per minute. For example spinning on a stationary bike at 90 cycles per minute you would set the pacer at 90 beats per minute.

What is a repeat countdown timer (timer countdown)?

You select an amount of time you want to countdown from and then start the watch. The watch will count down to zero, beep, stop and then repeat the exact count down again.An example: Start the watch at 90 seconds. It will run down to 0 seconds, stop, then repeat going back to 90 seconds.Aussie Fit Sport Ergo 60 has an auto repeat timer countdown that keeps repeating until you stop it. It also shows the number of cycles repeated.Aussie Fit Sport Circuit Pro has two countdown timers that can function in the following ways: –

  1. Countdown Linkage (LK) -The two timers can be linked so that timer 1 counts down to zero and then switches to timer 2 which counts down and then automatically switches back to timer 1. This will keep repeating until you stop it. This is a great feature for circuit training!
  2. Countdown Repeat(CR) – The timer (either Timer 1 or 2) starts the counting from a target time to zero and then starts the counting again and again until you stop it
  3. Countdown Stop (CS) – The timer starts the counting from a target time to zero and then stops at zero.

My stopwatch constantly beeps and I don’t know how to turn it off?

If your stopwatch has a pacer function – Marathon, ERGO 30, Circuit Pro – this could be the pacer function has been left on. So press the mode button until you get to the Pacer mode. Press the stop button and this should turn the beeping off. If this fails call us!!

What does it mean when it says my stopwatch is water resistant?

This means that the stopwatch can be splashed with water or survive an accidental dunking but does not mean the stopwatch can be used under water.

Can I turn the beep off on my stopwatch?

  • Sporty WR –you can turn the beep off by opening up the back and place a piece of sticky tape over the metal disc and then reassemble the back.


  • Ergo 60 – you can turn the beep on or off by in the time date mode holding the start/stop key down for a few seconds. When the key tone is on the music symbol is displayed.

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