Think you can’t kick the sugar habit? Then think again.

Belinda, our administrative assistant, has quit sugar after reading Sarah Wilson’s new book, I Quit Sugari quit sugar 1

Here is her review of Sarah Wilson’s book…..

Journalist, tv personality, blogger and author Sarah Wilson’s ebook “I Quit Sugar” explains why eating sugar is bad for us, with an eight week program to remove sugar from your diet, as well as recipes for new snacks and breakfast ideas. Also available is the I Quit Sugar cookbook – as an ebook or in hard copy – containing recipes for a variety of sugar-free meals including breakfasts, smoothies, sweet treats, savoury snacks, ideas for kids, sauces, drinks and more.

I stumbled across Sarah’s website while looking for sugar free recipes after my naturopath looked at my blood and could tell that I’d gorged on a bag of lollies the day before. Scary! I thought I didn’t eat a lot of sugar (random bag of lollies accepted) before I read this book. I was wrong. Although not adding sugar to my coffee, never drinking soft drinks and limiting lollies and sweets (it was a one-off weak moment I promise!), I was consuming a lot more sugar than I realised.

I tell all my friends about how good this book is, and to me it’s an absolute must to also get the cookbook. Sarah gives a great insight into why and how she gave up sugar, and her advice and tips make it easy to get through the program without putting too much pressure on yourself. The recipes make it so much easier, and Sarah’s way of encouraging the reader to “do it as an experiment – don’t commit to a lifetime, just 8 weeks” works a treat. I did it almost 6 months ago, and haven’t looked back.

Belinda Moss

You can read more and purchase books from www.sarahwilson.com.au

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