Aussie Fit Sport Team Fitness – Mackie’s Goal….

Mackie, our much loved Corporate Watchdog and Beach Towel Model, has a fitness goal for 2012.

She wants to take advantage of the beautiful Gold Coast beaches and creeks and join in the family fun with swimming and stand up paddleboarding. But she has a slight fear of water and swimming.!!

So to help overcome this she is jumping aboard her Mum’s SUP, totally trusting that Mum will keep her safe and dry while she works on this goal.

And all was going to plan……….

…….. until a slight wave put Mum and Mackie in the drink!

But as you can see Mackie found her swim stroke and easily made it to shore! In fact she seemed to love it because she got right back on the SUP to go out again – even with her Mum!

Fear conquered and much more confident in the water!!.

What is your fitness goal for 2012?

Remember whatever it is, make sure it’s realistic and achievable, because this will keep you motivated to achieve your goal.

It may be as simple as taking 10,000 steps a day!

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