Back to basics.

Fitness seems to be travelling in two opposite directions.The general population is getting fatter and less fit, while an increasingly smaller population isback to basics improving their fitness in a more specialised way.

This raises the question of whether we need to get back to basics?

The more advanced and hi-tech we make fitness and the trappings of the fitness lifestyle, the more unlikely we are to attract those who need it most. The deconditioned, the disenfranchised…..those for whom it is all too intimidating, too hard.

For example, in terms of our own product research and development, we have found that the most successful and popular items are the simplest to operate. So, it may be back to basics here, too! Does the regular gym goer need a heart rate monitor with 5 different heart rate zones and 15 modes with a 50 page operating manual? Probably not!

Products that provide the basic fitness functions, such as a pedometer, are the ones most likely to be used as motivational training tools in the general population”


Dr Pete

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