Stinky yoga mat?

It’s no secret that Yoga has a ton of well-documented health benefits.  It has physical, mental and emotional benefits, including reduced blood pressure, enhanced feelings of relaxation, stress reduction, improved digestion, better posture, increased strength and flexibility and improved balance.

But all your enhanced feelings and relaxation can be seriously affected by a STINKY mat. There is nothing worse then having your nose inches away from a yoga mat that reeks especially when it’s not yours!

One way to clean up your yoga practice and make sure your mat stays smelling fresh so you can concentrate on your rhythmic yoga breath is by using a towel. A towel will cover your mat and soak up all your sweat and also protect you from the germs on a shared mat.

Our new Asana® Yoga/Pilates towel is designed to fit the standard mat (so is ideal for most gym mats too) and being made of microfibre it is ultra absorbent, quick drying and antibacterial. It is also easy care – you can throw it in the washing machine after each use. A corner zip pocket is designed to store your keys/phone.  Click here for more info.


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