When you’re stuck in a rut – forget about motivation…….

…..just get sh*t done! Really?

We’ve talked about motivation before on this site. And that’s because we tend to rely upon that feeling of motivation to drive us to do things to improve our fitness, loose weight or feel better.

But what if you just can’t find that motivated feeling to push you off the couch and out the door?

Well you are not alone!!! You can bet that most people,at some time have been stuck in a rut, embarrassed about their life and wonder what the hell is holding them back.

Marie Forleo suggests that:-

“Losers wait for motivation, winners just get sh*t done.”

Marie gives some great practical steps in this video to get you back on top and out of that rut – so go ahead take a look at her video. You can apply her steps to anything in your life including your health and fitness goals.



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